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    is a beauty house of Ethically Sourced, Talc Free, Cruelty Free & Vegan brands that create unique cosmetic products for a variety of genres & price points that are unlike anything seen on the market before. 
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    Our collection of Book Eyeshadow Palettes contains some of the most illustrious and controversial titles of their time period. Beloved tombs of fiction that can now be immortalized on faces.

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    Makup is magickal.

    It’s as true today as it was in the classic world. Although the reasons to wear them may have changed, cosmetics themselves have been a pervasive force throughout the whole of recorded history. It’s not difficult to see why, either. Cosmetics offer a control over our appearance. They give us a chance to transform ourselves. With the right application, a person can enhance their favourite features, draw a person’s eye to where they want it to go, or even transform the way they look entirely. 

    Transformative powers have been coveted throughout history, and it’s easy to understand why. When one breaks it down, cosmetics are simply another form of alchemy. Alchemists spent thousands of years trying to understand the secrets of the universe, and to create devices and agents meant to transform the base elements of the world into things of value and refined beauty. This is the heart of using cosmetics, to create beauty and elegance from the natural minerals of the world. 

    One of the earliest alchemists was a woman named Cleopatra. Although her work would later be attributed to the Egyptian queen of the same name, Cleopatra the Alchemist was a figure prominent in the 3rd century, one about whom very little is known. Even the idea that she could be a singular woman has been called into question. Several theories suggest that she is in fact a pseudonym, used by a group of alchemists to publish their findings, guided by inspiration from a hand as old as the figure of Minerva herself.  

    We believe in the power of cosmetics. We believe that you should be able to look how you want, and express yourself as you wish. That’s why we’re proud to offer you Vampyre & Occult cosmetics, to give you the tools you need to define your own aesthetic, and begin your makeup adventure. Because, after all… 

    Makeup is Magickal.  



    Just received the beautiful “Man Ray Kiki DeMontparnasse Surrealist Photograph Makeup Bag” I am greatly pleased with not only the structure of the bag but the details in the bag. Great quality & beautiful customer service.Thank you so much Vampyre Cosmetics!

    Dominica Frazier

    How cute is this King Cake eyeshadow container from @vampyrecosmetics it makes me hungry every time I look at it. #uglyshyla#makeup#eyeshadowpalette

    Ugly Shyla

    Sunday funday…Recording a new tune. Shannon and BruceLike my lipstick ? It’s available through Vampyre Cosmetics LLC I think it is the best red!

    Shannon McCabe

    Finally had time to film and edit the unboxing of my Vampyre & Occult Cosmetics package! This brand really hit the nail on the head - from packaging to formula to color story, the products are consistent and easy to use (without a huge price tag!)Check it out

    Franccesca Alexandra

    So if you haven’t had the chance yet I highly recommend checking out Vampyre Cosmetics LLC Vampyre & Occult Cosmetics for they’re new color changing eye shadows this one is called “Minerva” so for all you Fellow Slytherins out there this is the eye shadow to get!!!The lipstick is the perfect black lipstick and Ghouls undead heart could ever ask for…The lipstick is called “Dracula” and it comes in a super cute wine bottle.. goes on wet dried matte and leaves your lips velvety soft

    Lilian Mortis

    Where to buy

    Boutique Du Vampyre in New Orleans, Louisiana

    Pinup Girl Clothing in Burbank, California

    New Profanity in West Hollywood, California

    The Glass Coffin in Austin, Texas

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