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Our collection of Book Eyeshadow Palettes contains some of the most illustrious and controversial titles of their time period. Beloved tombs of fiction that can now be immortalized on faces.

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Cosmetics are magickal.

We've been designing unique cosmetics products since 2011, including our famous tentacle shaped makeup brushes and unique book shaped palettes that have pages that turn like a real book. Our creations have been featured in Kansas City Fashion Week, The Kansas City Star/Ink KC Magazine, LA Weekly, Fangoria, Vogue Italia & Gothic Beauty Magazine. In over 80 stores worldwide, our in house manufacturer Mythosis Manufacturing also creates cosmetics for celebrities and brands.

It’s as true today as it was in the classic world. Although the reasons to wear them may have changed, cosmetics themselves have been a pervasive force throughout the whole of recorded history. It’s not difficult to see why, either. Cosmetics offer a control over our appearance. They give us a chance to transform ourselves. With the right application, a person can enhance their favourite features, draw a person’s eye to where they want it to go, or even transform the way they look entirely.

Transformative powers have been coveted throughout history, and it’s easy to understand why. When one breaks it down, cosmetics are simply another form of alchemy. Alchemists spent thousands of years trying to understand the secrets of the universe, and to create devices and agents meant to transform the base elements of the world into things of value and refined beauty. This is the heart of using cosmetics, to create beauty and elegance from the natural minerals of the world.

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Boutique Du Vampyre in New Orleans, Louisiana

Pinup Girl Clothing in Burbank, California

New Profanity in West Hollywood, California

The Glass Coffin in Austin, Texas

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