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Vampyre Cosmetics's Founder has designed & manufactured custom unique cosmetics for a number of independent brands and celebrities since 2011 Learn how we can create cosmetics for your brand as well.
We are in over 120 independent stores worldwide as well as Dollskill.com & HotTopic.com. See where to buy. 

Our products have been featured on Medium, Vampyre Magazine, The Kansas City Star, and LA Weekly. View Recent Press.

All of our products are Talc Free, Vegan & Cruelty-Free! We have two pending patents for our Book shaped makeup palettes (with 3 pages of shadows that actually open up like a real book) and our tentacle-shaped makeup brushes (ergonomic design with professional quality synthetic bristles)! View our FAQS

We got accepted for Walmart's Open Call 2022!

See us at Monsterpalooza, San Diego Comic-Con, COSMOPROF & Endless Night New Orleansthis year! View Full list of events. 

We are launching licensed product collections later this year with Winchester Mystery House, Amy Brown Fairies & Teddy Scares! See Upcoming Collections. 

Meet the masterminds

Vampyre Cosmetics LLC is Women Owned, Disabled Owned, LGBTQ owned & dedicated to Green Standards, Clean Beauty & Transparency in everything they do.

Rachel Clinesmith

New Orleans Native, Rachel Clinesmith aka SWAMP WITCH /Swampophile on Social Media is the Editor in Chief of Vampyre Magazine and Co-Owner & Founder of Vampyre Cosmetics LLC. Actually Autistic & ADHD, makeup has been a special interest since she was 13. She has been designing custom cosmetics products for a number of other independent brands and celebrities since 2011. She created Vampyre Cosmetics LLC for the niches mainstream brands leave behind. Her experience working with the music, pinup, burlesque, and horror communities/industries has given her first-hand knowledge of the needs of these subcultures

Karen Holton

Karen Holton Is an artist, entrepreneur and San Francisco Bay Area native. In 2021 she left a rewarding, yet creatively stifling, 15 year career in healthcare due to complications with Lyme disease. She spent the next year educating herself and honing multiple creative skills at a maker space. She’s built up her home “mad scientist lab” which now consists of a laser cutter, resin printer, vacuum chamber and Nomad 3 desktop CNC router. In 2022 she partnered with Rachel and now focuses her expertise on consulting, creative collaboration, and innovative solutions in product design, marketing and branding.

Neurodivergent superpowers

"We are two queer, disabled, and proudly neurodiverse women working round the clock to bring you cosmetics so uniquely packaged…  you exclaim “Holy Crap!”when you see it. We strive to give every customer that “a ha!” moment. We collaborate on every single graphic on our cosmetic packaging. Every (non-licensed) graphic is painstakingly built by both of us to evoke your emotional response. We are creatives. Using the same boring packaging that 99.9% of cosmetics companies’ use does not speak to our soul. It’s not enough for us to just sell you high quality & highly-pigmented vegan, cruelty and talc free products. We need to create an exciting environment for them to live in as well. One that brings a sense of joy or wonder to our customers with every use . We will always strive for more and will not accept less." -Karen

Vampyre Cosmetics and its associated brands are a celebration of neurodiversity. Both Rachel and Karen are neurodivergent /neurodiverse. Rachel is diagnosed Autistic, and Karen with ADD. The way their brains work is often considered a hindrance by society's standards but is absolutely an advantage in this industry and in business. 

“What Does It Mean to Be Neurodivergent? 

Judy Singer, a sociologist who has autism, started using the term "neurodiversity" in the late 1990s. It refers to the concept that certain developmental disorders are normal variations in the brain. And people who have these features also have certain strengths.” 

“Neurodiversity advocates suggest there’s too much attention on the impairments that come with conditions like ADHD. They think a better approach is to focus on what someone’s good at, not what they lack.” 

“For example, there’s some evidence that: 

People with ADHD have high levels of spontaneity, courage, and empathy. They can hyper-focus on certain tasks.” 

“… people with ADHD may have trouble with time management. But they often show high levels of passion, drive, and creative thinking….” 

“Those with  autism  pay attention to complex details, have good memories, and show certain "specialty" skills. Experts think this can be an asset in certain jobs, such as computer programming or music. As noted by one researcher, Wolfgang Mozart had strong music memory and absolute pitch.” 

Keri Wiginton “What Is Neurodiversity?” Web MD, https://www.webmd.com/add-adhd/features/what-is-neurodiversity 



Officially Licensed Collections

Makeup is Magickal. 

It’s as true today as it was in the classic world. Although the reasons to wear them may have changed, cosmetics themselves have been a pervasive force throughout the whole of recorded history. It’s not difficult to see why, either. Cosmetics offer a control over our appearance. They give us a chance to transform ourselves. With the right application, a person can enhance their favourite features, draw a person’s eye to where they want it to go, or even transform the way they look entirely. 

Transformative powers have been coveted throughout history, and it’s easy to understand why. When one breaks it down, cosmetics are simply another form of alchemy. Alchemists spent thousands of years trying to understand the secrets of the universe, and to create devices and agents meant to transform the base elements of the world into things of value and refined beauty. This is the heart of using cosmetics, to create beauty and elegance from the natural minerals of the world. 

One of the earliest alchemists was a woman named Cleopatra. Although her work would later be attributed to the Egyptian queen of the same name, Cleopatra the Alchemist was a figure prominent in the 3rd century, one about whom very little is known. Even the idea that she could be a singular woman has been called into question. Several theories suggest that she is in fact a pseudonym, used by a group of alchemists to publish their findings, guided by inspiration from a hand as old as the figure of Minerva herself.  

We believe in the power of cosmetics. We believe that you should be able to look how you want, and express yourself as you wish. That’s why we’re proud to offer you Vampyre & Occult cosmetics, to give you the tools you need to define your own aesthetic, and begin your makeup adventure. Because, after all… 

Makeup is Magickal.  




Boutique Du Vampyre in New Orleans, Louisiana

Pinup Girl Clothing in Burbank, California

New Profanity in West Hollywood, California

The Glass Coffin in Austin, Texas

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