sarah's letters

In accordance with her twelve page 13 part will (signed by her 13 times), Sarah had her entire estate divided up in generous portions to be distributed among a number of charities and those people who had faithfully spent years in her service. Her favorite niece and secretary, Marian Marriott, oversaw the removal and sale of all of Sarah’s furnishings and personal property. Roy Lieb, Mrs. Winchester’s attorney of many years, had been named in her will as executor to her estate. He sold the House to the people who, in 1933, preserved it as a “living” museum—today, it is known as the Winchester Mystery House also known as California Historical Landmark #868. Although no mention has ever surfaced as to any specific guidelines or special instructions by which Mr. Lieb would select a buyer for the property, one gets the distinct impression that Sarah wanted the House to stand intact and perpetually preserved… and so it does. Pen shaped liquid matte lipsticks, liquid eyeliner and mascara bearing Sarah Winchester's signature commemorate her life and contributions to her community.

Seance room

The Winchester Crystal Palette features vibrant and bright colors in a 3 finishes, Matte, Shimmer & Satin. Made from natural minerals, it’s great for sensitive skin. Customers can use the bold, accent and highlighter colors and feel magickal while wearing them. What many consider to be the heart of the mansion, the séance room was once the very private and off-limits room to everyone but Sarah Winchester herself. Legends say that nearby residents heard the bell tower (located outside of the séance room) at midnight and again at 2am. Was this to summon and release spirits to communicate with them? There is one entrance to this room, and three exits. One exit is through the entrance door, another leads to an 8-foot drop into the kitchen below, and the final is a one-way door that resembles a secret passageway. These 4 entrances are why this palette has 4 shades. You’ll have to visit the house for yourself what lies on the other side.

bizarre beauty

The Winchester Dripping House Palette features vibrant and bright colors in matte finishes. Made from natural minerals, it’s great for sensitive skin. The Winchester Mystery House is the beautiful but bizarre mansion built by Sarah Pardee Winchester, heiress of the Winchester Repeating Arms fortune. Construction began in 1886 and didn't stop for 36 years. Legend has it, Mrs. Winchester built the dizzying Victorian-style structure with many odd and mysterious features to confuse the spirits of those who felled by the Winchester Rifle. Doors that open to walls, stairways that lead to the ceiling, and many more oddities in the massive 160-room mansion. What motivated a well-educated socialite to cut herself off from the rest of the world and focus almost solely on building the world’s most beautiful, yet bizarre mansion? This palette boldy declares that Bizarre is Beautiful just like the Winchester Mystery House showing the everyone has beauty in them and it's okay to be different and express yourself.