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High Performance, Long Wearing, Uniquely packaged cosmetics. Officially Licensed Makeup Collections featuring Emily The Strange, Vincent Price & More!

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We Strive to be a beauty disruptor

Renouncing social constructs of beauty and replacing them with individual ones. Why choose between unique, inspired packaging and high quality, ethical cosmetics? We are all of the above.

We believe beauty is in everyone. We simply provide tools as an option for the expression of it.

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Just received the beautiful “Man Ray Kiki DeMontparnasse Surrealist Photograph Makeup Bag” I am greatly pleased with not only the structure of the bag but the details in the bag. Great quality & beautiful customer service.Thank you so much Vampyre Cosmetics!

Dominica Frazier

How cute is this King Cake eyeshadow container from @vampyrecosmetics it makes me hungry every time I look at it. #uglyshyla#makeup#eyeshadowpalette

Ugly Shyla

Sunday funday…Recording a new tune. Shannon and BruceLike my lipstick ? It’s available through Vampyre Cosmetics LLC I think it is the best red!

Shannon McCabe

Finally had time to film and edit the unboxing of my Vampyre & Occult Cosmetics package! This brand really hit the nail on the head - from packaging to formula to color story, the products are consistent and easy to use (without a huge price tag!)Check it out

Franccesca Alexandra

So if you haven’t had the chance yet I highly recommend checking out Vampyre Cosmetics LLC Vampyre & Occult Cosmetics for they’re new color changing eye shadows this one is called “Minerva” so for all you Fellow Slytherins out there this is the eye shadow to get!!!The lipstick is the perfect black lipstick and Ghouls undead heart could ever ask for…The lipstick is called “Dracula” and it comes in a super cute wine bottle.. goes on wet dried matte and leaves your lips velvety soft

Lilian Mortis

Makeup is magickal